Taking GREAT Pictures With Your Smart Phone

Aren’t smart phones amazing? Who knew even five years ago that most of us would be taking the majority of our everyday pictures on our mobile phones? So fast, so easy AND always right in the palm of your hand! I currently have almost 1,000 photos on my phone. All of them look like GREAT […]

SOUL FOOD: Your Smile, My Happy!

Happy Monday! Don’t you just love it when you make someone you love smile? In my book, that is a really good day! SOUL FOOD: Little or Big? Here’s a fun little reminder for your SOUL FOOD collection as your summer days hold all the promise of great memories with your families and friends. Life […]

Custom Made Wedding Gifts in 15 Minutes!

You gotta love a small town because her son married one of my daughter’s dearest growing up girlfriends. The majority of the bridesmaids have spent many late nights at our house talking about the day they would marry their prince charmings! Now I look at the young-lady-lovelies and get misty in a moment thinking about […]

No Scrapbook For Your Grad? A GUILT FREE Solution!

I was that Mom who didn’t get the memo- or series of memos- that there would/should be a scrapbook of your child’s entire 18 years of growing up right next to the graduation cake. Yeah. I had that sick feeling in my stomach when I went to my nephew’s graduation party and saw THE BOOK […]

SOUL FOOD: Lighten Up & Give Yourself Room To Bloom!

Have a great week full of some fun and silliness! Start this week by promising yourself that you’re going to lighten up your load by lightening up your face! When you find your frown pressing your brows together, say a big hearty NO to letting that TO DO LIST make you take YOURSELF to seriously […]

Do Your Kids Know Their Story?

I apologize for not posting on Monday with a new SOUL FOOD card… springtime blizzards and travel can really disrupt a girl’s schedule This quote is a perfect partner for the article below that was recently published in the New York TimesI am SO excited to share this article with you that was forwarded to […]

How To Layer Photos On Top Of Frames

I have been getting lots of emails asking about the tricks of layering photos on top of frames so I thought I’d take the mystery out of it for you and break down the steps on how to achieve this look Step #1: Gather/Buy inexpensive frames. I found most of mine at a local antique […]

We are ready to ELEVATE!

There is nothing quite like the excitement of new horizons and the possibility of what is ahead, is there? I have been thoroughly immersed in getting ready for the arrival of our Rendi Leaders this week and have been loving every minute of it. Here is a sneak peek of our theme ELEVATE! We are […]

SOUL FOOD: Give, Love, Live

Don’t you find there are few things more inspiring than someone who has given their life to doing just that? I always get that little hitch in my throat when I see someone who has given their whole being to doing the very thing that they were born to do. I hope that you are […]

SOUL FOOD: Heck, yeah!

This week holds the possibility of something BIG! Sometimes it really just a matter of whether or not we are willing to go for it. I know- kind of risky business, right? But too often, I think we “play it safe” and risk missing out on our dreams! We think it’s safer, but in the […]