A Decorating Project With Custom Frames & Signs!

A Decorating Project With Custom Frames & Signs!

Sorry- no post today BUT I have a fun project that I am working on to show you how to use Rendi’s custom picture frames and signs in a fun new way in your home! So be sure to come back next week to see how easy it is to decorate with the fabulous things you create at www.rendistyle.com !

PLUS you will get to meet Rendi Leader, Kathy Topping!

Until then, “Live it up! Laugh it up! Love it up!”
Here it is!! Pop in and see some of “Pure Cottage”!
Just thought I’d post a few of the fabulous products from Rendi’s newest collection, “Pure Cottage”! I am guessing that you might already have some ideas about who would love these new frames and signs as personalized gifts from you AND possibly where they might begin a family story wall in your own home!

I know that as a mom who is looking at her nest being empty in 18 short months, I love all of the pictures around the house that chronicle our family adventures, various pets, celebrations and sweet everyday moments in time! I was never organized enough to do the elaborate scrapbooks (sorry, kids!) so I am glad that I have a treasure trove of memories on the walls of our home where I get to enjoy them continuously! My it goes way too quickly!

These wonderful frames and signs will go just about anywhere and fit in so many different homes! They will be ready for you to purchase this Friday! February 11th! So easy to personalize and so beautiful!

Can’t wait to hear the stories of where these beautiful products find a home! And this is just a portion of the entire line!! Be sure to visit the website on Friday!

Don’t miss it!
We’re letting the secret out! Be sure to join us for tomorrow’s Stylist Call, Monday, February 7th at 10:00 am MST for the reveal of our newest line!

Are you a mommy? Or do you know someone who is?
If you are a mommy, a mom, a grandma, a nana, an auntie OR you know someone else who is, you’re going to give a deep contented “ahhhh..” when you see the sweet vignette of baby-child frames and signs in this collection!

A few years ago I saw this silly party clad chick in a store and just had to snatch it up! Toooo funny! It just seemed like the right thing to begin this last post before the big reveal!!

Being a mom has been one of the greatest things in my life! I always refer to our kids as “my baby chickens”! You can imagine how much they LOVE that now that they are all young adults! Two of my babies have beards and are in college, the other one dresses way cuter than I do on any given day and drives a car BUT I still want these delicious baby-child frames and signs!!! I do know that now I will have an instant go to solution for baby shower gifts!

ARE YOU READY FOR MONDAY? That’s when we will be showing you all the new line!! Be sure to be on the Stylist call

If you are not a Rendi Stylist, not to worry! By the end of next week, you will be able to order online! Who knows, this may be just the thing that makes you want to become a Stylist!? or host a party? Now I am sounding like the marketing department! I can hardly contain myself!

This line was designed in response to feedback from our fabulous Stylist community. I know that you will be delighted by how lovely AND versatile it is! I do hope that you all will send us pictures of where these frames and signs find new homes!

I can’t wait to see the rosy cheeks and fresh faces you put in these baby-child frames and the cozy nests where you hang these sweet signs!

This might be a double crib- who knew?

I hope you have a great weekend and look forward to sharing some very special product with you on Monday!

What about color?
I thought you might like to know that there are some really lovely touches of color being added to this line! I know you’re going to put these frames and signs in SO many different places. This color happens to be one of my favorites. Let me give you a little visual treat!

Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchens are one of the best places in your home. This is also one of the places where in you will have to put in a little extra effort to make it clean and tidy, because this is where you prepare food. It is always very important that you have a functional kitchen where in you can place all of your equipment and needed materials for you to do a good job at cooking.

Kitchens serve a variety of purpose, not just for preparing dishes, but sometimes this can also be a place where you can drink a couple of glasses of wine with your friends, do some food tasting, believe it or not what some television like if there’s a baseball game on the, you can sit at the kitchen eating your dinner while watching the game.

As you can see the kitchen is one of the highlights of the house, and if you have guests over, this will normally be the first thing they visit especially if you have really close friends who are always hungry, and like to look through your fridge most of the time to grab a bite or take a whiff of the food you are making.

If you have been looking at redesigning your kitchen for quite some time now, you will know that it is important that you choose a specific interior design so that it will not only make your kitchen stand out in a good way, but also fit the measurements of the space and fit the design of your home as well. A good kitchen interior design is very essential to keep everything in your house balanced.

If you are also looking to do this but you do not know where to start or decide on whether or not you should be redesigning your kitchen, here are some benefits that you might find interesting before you make your decision:


  • Designing your kitchen will give you more space – if you have lived in a house with a small kitchen ever since you started to live there with your family, then you will be glad to know that when you redesign your kitchen, you will have the benefit of totally overhauling how your kitchen looks in terms of space and functionality. You can always design it in such a way that it looks bigger and at the same time has more storage space for you to keep all of your kitchen equipment in places where it wont be hard for you to find.


  • You can design it the way you want to – most people do not have the privilege or the budget to design their own kitchens because it will be quite common to already buy a house with a designed kitchen. If you choose to redesign it, you can style it the way you want from the color scheme down to the smallest of details. There will be no one to tell you that you cant because you will be spending most of your money into making sure that you get the design that you want out of it. You will see that after you have made all the necessary changes in your kitchen, all the work will be worth the effort.


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