How Not to Miss Your One Wonderful Life!

How Not to Miss Your One Wonderful Life!

I love this quote by Cesare Pavese. I believe that it really is true! Don’t you marvel at times at how fast time moves? I can hardly believe that June is already here! For that matter, I can hardly believe that in a few short months my eldest will be a senior in college and my youngest will be a senior in high school!

That is precisely why I am passionate at this point in my life about capturing moments that we all share together in a concrete way! No doubt, you are as busy as I am. I don’t think I know a woman who is NOT busy trying to keep all the balls in the air while traveling at warp speed through life!

What I do know is that it ALL GOES WAY TOO FAST and that there is not another woman on the face of the earth who can live YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE! ONLY YOU have the particular set of gifts, wisdom, humor and moxie to live your life. ONLY YOU know what is most important to your precious heart and to the ones you love!
I just love how a picture can be SO POWERFUL reminding me of the moments that make my life so rich and colorful! I truly am so compelled by this notion- that’s probably why I have been creating picture frames that tell stories for twenty years!

Next week I will be unveiling a fabulous new Rendi product to help you enjoy the MOMENTS OF YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE! I am convinced that you will have more fun with this cool, easy to use product and that as you go through your summer, your eyes will be opened in a new way to capturing moments that you will remember for a very long time!

Be sure to visit next week! My friend, Jennifer Sparaco from Chasing Fireflies Photography, will be sharing her “5 Simple Tips for Taking Better Pictures of the People You Love”

She will also be showing you how to use this fabulous new Rendi product to help you enjoy the MOMENTS OF YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE for years to come!
Super Simple Summer Supper in a Snap!
I definitely need something in a snap last week when both of our sons arrived home from college along with two college age nephews from North Carolina! Funny thing- they were all hungry!
You can probably tell that it started out with a bang and that there is one in particular who is always joking around!

I promptly went to shopping and filled up on hamburger, chicken, fish and steak! I had forgotten how much can be consumed in one meal by man pups! The girl in the middle doesn’t eat that much.

I do admittedly LOVE having a house full of laughter, conversation and people. My hubby, daughter and I have had some adjusting to do as the house had slowly emptied out over the last few years! So filling up the grocery cart and the fridge was a pleasure. The trick for me is to keep it simple and fast. I thought I’d share a delicious and nutritious recipe that fills up those active young bodies and allows you to be part of the fun!

This low fat salad can double as a vegetable AND a side dish with your favorite grilled meat. We love to pair it with a nice medium rare steak, a crusty loaf of bread and a glass of red wine for anyone who is legal!

On the plate above, I used yellow cherry tomatoes and red grape tomatoes. I find them to more often than not to have sweet berry like flavor.

Be sure to use a Balsamic Vinegar of high quality so that it is more sweet and syrupy than sharp and acidic! Use two parts olive oil to one part vinegar.

I used Fresh Basil Pesto from the refrigerated section of the grocery store (not the type that is next to spaghetti sauce) because our supermarket did not have fresh basil. This recipe can be tossed according to your liking so be sure to taste test along the way!

The platter was empty by the time the it made its way around the table along side a platter of slice medium rare New York Strip! Now that’s satisfying for the cook and the company!
Moms And Miracles!

Do you remember your first Mother’s Day? I can remember being in complete awe of the tiny little person who was entrusted to my care and wondering if I had what it took to insure that he became a responsible citizen and not a car thief! Ok, a bit of an overstatement, but do I remember how incredible is was to think that this sweet baby would one day be a man and to wonder what he would be like, what would be his calling in life and what would he look like with whiskers!?

Is Change Rearranging Your Life?
This morning I had coffee with one of my dearest friends for the last 15 years and came away with a full heart! She and her sweet family are moving which means so much change for them and for us! This is change that feels a bit scary and painful right now but we are both believing that it is change that will bring good things and rich new adventures.

Do you ever feel as though your life is a puzzle with many pieces that make up an intricate and complex picture? Does it seem as though some of the pieces to that puzzle occasionally get moved? Or need to be moved?

Whenever I have tried to work on a very complex puzzle there are times when I think I have the perfect piece for the perfect spot. So much of it makes sense. The colors, the basic shape, the need it fills all seem to complete that little part of the bigger picture. It even seems to fit snuggly into the previous piece… ok, it basically fits with a firm pressing into place… it makes sense for a while… and then as I get a little further on in the puzzle, it is very apparent that that one piece is no longer fitting very well!

The puzzle buckles in that one spot. The color pattern doesn’t fit with the pieces that have now been filled in around it… but it worked for a while! It helped to fill a place so that I could keep moving in the completion of the bigger picture, but in order for the bigger picture to make sense the time comes when that piece has to be put in a new spot- a better fitting spot.

I also happen to love transferware, particularly blue transferware. I have amassed a “small” collection over the years of hunting in antique stores and flea markets. Occasionally, a piece breaks- maybe shatters is a better word. Truth be told, I sort of used to shatter when it did. Until a very gifted friend of mine took the broken pieces of one of my favorite transferware plates and made it into something completely different and incredibly beautiful!

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