Could Your Heart Use A Sweet Little Gift?

Could Your Heart Use A Sweet Little Gift?

For some time now I have been working on a sweet gift for you! I can hardly wait to share it with you next week! I hope that it will be something that brings a little laughter, love and cheer to your heart every week for a very long time!

I happen to believe that words are as important to the soul as food and water are to the body! You need them to thrive! Words can be a gift to the soul! Words have incredible power! Power to bring someone to life. Power to make you laugh and power to make you cry. Power to heal a heart. Power to inspire a dream. Power to help you see life from a whole different vantage point!

The gift of words is why Rendi is so near and dear to my pea pickin’ heart! Words just matter! Words have the potential to make all the difference! Are you with me?
What I Love About My Dad, Ed.
Here it is, two days before Father’s Day and I am in a quandry for a Father’s Day gift! Yep, me, the queen of personalized gifts! The last few weeks I have been on the road… lots of airports and time zones for both fun and for travel.

SO I thought I would just sit down and create a frame for my Dad only to realize that the number of pictures I have of him and me are next to none! Of course, I have pictures of him with everyone else in the family!

Jennifer Sparaco’s Tip #4 from last week’s guest post is ringing in my head, “Get in the Picture!” This is probably every Mom’s dilemma! We are so busy capturing the moments that we in fact are the missing link in the pictorial history of our family! Ha! I can hear future generations asking, “Now, who exactly was Annie Danielson and how was she related to these people in the picture?!”

Of course, I could give my Dad a picture of him and one of my kids, but I really have my heart set on a picture of him and me. I think it is as much for myself as for him.

My Dad’s name is Ed. He is a pastor of a small country congregation here in Trinidad. He has been married to my mom, Barb, for 54 years! They met in the 7th grade!! SERIOUSLY! He had such a crush on her at the tender age of 12 and he still does at the tender age of 74!

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