A Table Set With Thanks

A Table Set With Thanks

Happy Holiday Week, Sweet Soul Sistas!
I wanted to share some of the food that feeds my soul with you today! You’ll find a great SOUL FOOD quote card about gratitude at the bottom of the post! I hope it will find a place to sit in your kitchen this week as you are baking pies and enjoying the preparation for Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I suppose because it’s all about the people I hold dear and the moments we share when we are around the table, over a puzzle or during a long walk down the valley road.

I love the colors, the cinnamon, the pumpkin, the sage, the stuffing, the turkey, the crackling fires!
Call This Girl Thank-Full!!

Do you ever have those moments when you think your heart might burst with thanks?

I have spent the last 25 years married to the CEO, Mark Eric Danielson and find myself more in love than I was on November 8, 1986! In fact, this year marks the year that he has lived longer with me than he has lived without me! (Yes, I married a slightly younger man!

I think it is nothing short of a divine gift to have someone who has loved you through ups and downs, laughter and tears, less than beautiful moments, pregnant meltdowns, end of day mommy madness, words you wish you could take back, bad haircuts, major surgeries, hormonal hissy fits, mid-life acne- you get the picture!

When someone loves you with of all your imperfections and despite all the places you clash with each other and make each other crazy at times- it is in fact, perfection!

This man has been my rock through life’s storms. He has made me belly laugh at myself ’til it hurts! He has shown me how to persist and be patient. He has challenged me to grow and not give up, to love beyond what I ever thought possible, to trust in moments of uncertainty in a God whose grace and mercy are never-ending. He balances me in all the right ways- he completes me. He is my best friend!

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks of our trip to Italy! It about gave me a coronary picking 17 out of 1200! Can’t wait to decide which ones to frame

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