SOUL FOOD: Make An Impression!

SOUL FOOD: Make An Impression!

I just LOVE this quote that was floating around on Pintrest!

I hope it makes you giggle like it did me! This IS the woman I hope that I am – someone who spreads a little bit of goodness wherever my day takes me!

I think I’ll be printing and “pinning” this one on my bathroom mirror!
Scrapbooking On Your Walls
If you’re at all like me, you would love to create wonderful scrapbooks full of the moments and memories that tell the story of your family’s wonderful life! I have a few scrapbook albums STARTED! Yes, just started. However, I am proud to say that I have several complete photo albums that I created online.

I LOVE the ones I have finished! But honestly, I rarely open them and enjoy all the hard work I put into them. SOooo- years ago I decided to start using the walls in our home as oversized scrapbook pages!

This way I get to enjoy our family’s story of moments and memories every day! all of the time!

SOUL FOOD: Get Your Happy On!
Monday morning is here again!

Today is a great day to get your happy on! Sometimes we just need a little reminder to remember where our happy comes from, don’t we?

Then we need permission to “go there”!

You know what I mean! In the midst of all the wonderful things you are in the middle of doing for the people in your life, a girl can easily lose sight of her dreams. Dreams are those things that make your heart sing and put a smile on your face because you’re doing a little dance with happy on the inside!

Maybe you dream of having time with the girls on a regular basis- a time when you can just be a girl. Maybe you dream of taking a painting class or learning how to take great photos. Maybe you dream of having your body back? Maybe you dream of running a marathon? Maybe you dream of having time to dream again?

Whatever your dreams are, they are an important part of who you are! Don’t forget to spend some time nurturing them, rediscovering them and pursuing them!

Cuz ya know what?

When you are spending time going after those dreams, you are a happy girl! And a happy girl is so much better at all of the other roles she plays in life!

Preserving Your Young Picasso’s Works Of Art
Don’t you just love the wonderful art that the little people in your life create? The fresh look on life they possess never disappoints, does it?

One of Rendi’s up and coming Independent Stylists had such a fabulous idea about her daughter’s art that I know all you Moms are going to simply LOVE!

I want you to meet Rendi Stylist, Katie Ramirez! Here she is with her beautiful family!
Katie had the brilliant idea of scanning her budding artist’s masterpieces and uploading them onto a Rendi Picture This! in order to preserve those precious one of a kind masterpieces by her young Picasso!

SO easy and such a FUN idea, don’t ya think?

The art featured below is her daughter Elena’s, who is featured above
I love how this Rendi product gives a gallery feel to such precious creations AND how it also solves the dilemma of sharing works of art with the grandparents by being able to share a “limited edition” on a Rendi piece without having to part with the original!

From the looks of it, I think Devin thinks it’s pretty cool to see his art on a Rendi Picture This! piece too! (I’m not sure he could be any cuter!) His Mom, Amanda Wyckoff says they’re creating a gallery wall of Devin’s artwork! How great is that?!

SOUL FOOD: Matters Of The Heart
I wanted to save SOUL FOOD for today and send you a few messages that I hope you will feel free to send to others on this day of sharin’ the love! Email them, post them on FB, print them out and put them on the mirror or in the sock drawer

Help Your Walls Begin To Talk!
I thought you might enjoy this post that I did last March. I am in the midst of experimenting with creating new vignettes of Rendi custom picture frames and Rendi custom signs and found myself coming back here for a refresher on “How To Get Started Helping Your Walls Tell Your Story With Picture Vignettes!”

I was never that mom who was able to get it all together enough to create wonderful scrapbooks that told the story of our growing family. BUT I am so glad the walls in our home tell the story of our life and our kids’ growing up with beautiful frames and pictures. AND- I get to enjoy them all of the time- every day!

This project begins three custom picture frames and one custom sign that I designed from Rendi’s Pure Cottage Collection. Our three children are now 22, 20 and 17 and we could not be more delighted with the amazing young adults they have become! So I decided to CELEBRATE them!

Whaaaat? A DAD frame? I thought this was about celebrating your kids? It is! That’s the beauty of Rendi’s custom picture frames! We make suggestions and categorize frames to make it REALLY EASY for you to find and design a perfect-one-of-a-kind, custom gift for yourself or for someone else, BUT most frames and signs are only limited by your creative imagination! This is how I actually customized this frame for each of our two SONS!
SOUL FOOD: Girls Get It Done!

I love this week’s SOUL FOOD because I believe that as women, we see the world uniquely! We truly have our own way about solving problems, juggling a gazillion things, keeping the relationships in our lives alive and healthy- and looking good while doing it all! Do I hear an AMEN?!

I know you’ve heard the quote about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers… how Ginger managed to do all the moves backwards AND IN HEELS! Go Ginger! I happen to think that most of us really are Ginger Rogers a good deal of the time in our own unique way.

Whether you are juggling the schedules of small children who need to be dressed and fed or are trying to figure out how to dress and feed yourself now that you’ve hit that metabolic wall, you are nothing short of amazing if you are able to read this!

I love how women more often than not just seem to know what it will take to comfort someone who is hurting, help someone see a problem from a different perspective, give someone a little nudge with a dose of encouragement to go beyond their comfort zone and make you laugh at yourself while simultaneously crying!

So here’s to the girls in my life who help me with all of the above! I love you and don’t know what I do without you!
Do You Have Words To Live By?
Have you ever had a moment when you realize someone may be trying to get your attention? Have you ever had a deja vu moment, when people and sources that have nothing to do with each other present you with the same message? That’s usually the time I stop and take note.

Here’s a fun little story that’s has left me taking copious life notes! Last year I participated in Beth Moore’s Bible study, “Believing God”. It had an enormous impact on me! So I created this Rendi Tag Sign to send to Beth Moore as a thank you. Yes, LAST YEAR! It’s been sitting in my studio since LAST YEAR.
Recently I asked our Stylists who came to Colorado to send me some of their favorite Rendi product stories. This story was sent to me by Lisa Wilber. Lisa has been one of the original Stylists to sign on to this wild and wooly adventure. She has, fortunately for us, been our Stylist who has weathered all of the Rendi bloopers and out takes! I say, “fortunately for us…” because I’m not so sure how fortunate she has felt at critical moments!

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