Rendi-vation Part 2: Paint Props & Story Walls

Rendi-vation Part 2: Paint Props & Story Walls

I thought you might enjoy looking behind the scenes and watching how it all comes together! Last week I was in our fabulous studio painting walls to photograph Rendi products on!

This week we begin styling and propping shots that will seem as though you are in someone’s home- in fact, I might just move!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this catalog! You are going to love it! I will give you another sneak peek next Thursday so be sure to stop by!

SOUL FOOD: When Love Runs Out…
I am pretty sure if your life is anything like mine you will appreciate this week’s SOUL FOOD card! I know that you no doubt have about a bazillion things on your plate every day- so be sure to make time for a little bit of love, laughter and coffee!!!

What is a Rendi-vation?

We’re in the midst of a renovation! A new catalog is underway here at RENDI and we are in a flurry of creativity, styling shots that will showcase RENDI’s beautiful customizable products for your home! I will be giving you some sneak peaks over the next few weeks!

In early July, you will be able to order new catalogs that showcase RENDI products in lifestyle settings! YAY!
Ordinary? Extraordinary?
I wanted to share this amazing nugget of truth with you because at some point in our lives each of us stop believing this. We somehow begin believing that we are quite ordinary and loose sight of the fact that we have something special about us that no other human being on the face of the earth possesses!

Our hearts forget that we bring a unique set of gifts to the party! We stop believing that we were meant to play a part in the story that is reserved for only us. All of that is so far from the truth!

There is no one like you! You are EXTRA-ordinary! Don’t settle for believing or living out of anything less than the truth!
Leaky Tear Ducts & Motherhood
Think about it- EVERYBODY HAS A MOM! If you are alive and breathing, you were brought into this world by a mom, right? And if for some reason you didn’t know your birth mother and were chosen by a woman with a lot of love to give, then you have a MOM!

I’m not sure that you can possibly understand what an amazing and stretching (yes, stretch marks are included in that word..) thing it is to be a Mom until you are the one who is on call 24/7 for roughly… well, the rest of your life.
Being a Mom is about the most important job a woman could ever have and yet you really don’t get a trial run at raising your children, do you? YIKES- what’s up with that?! No one told me that for the rest of my life I’d be watching my heart walk outside of my body!
What Does It Mean To Be YOU?

Seems as though Monday got away from me! But I hope that this fine Tuesday morning finds you well and enjoying life!

This quote from Abraham Lincoln couldn’t be any more inspiring to me because it validates each one us in wherever we find ourselves in life!
SOUL FOOD: A Great Idea For A Sweet Life!
Happy Monday… Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… Everyday would be SO MUCH sweeter if there were some kind of mandate for all of us to do this everyday, wouldn’t it?

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