It’s My Birthday & My Nest Is Empty

It’s My Birthday & My Nest Is Empty

All three of my children have flown the nest. My house is pretty quiet most days- until they all come home for a visit FAMISHED!

I hear myself often saying things that older women use to say to me when my kids were young, when my body was stinking tired, when my house was a mess, when the days seemed eternal. I remember rolling my eyes and thinking,
SOUL FOOD: Little or Big?
Summer days are here again! YAY!

Here’s a fun little reminder for your SOUL FOOD collection as your summer days hold all the promise of great memories with your families and friends.

Life really is made up a lot of LITTLE moments, isn’t it? The BIG moments are great and very important in each of our stories, but sometimes I think we miss the beauty of the gifts in the seemingly small everyday moments of life waiting for the big events.

Some of my favorite soul satisfying moments that always bring a smile to my face are my summer memories of our kids….
So here’s to the LITTLE moments that make our lives BIG! I hope you find all of the sweet gifts in the midst of your “everyday” life this week!
Catalog #3: Finishing Touches
I thought you all might want to see the final moments before our next catalog goes to press! We have been working feverishly and having a lot of fun- ok, a few stressful moments- but mostly fun! The catalog got sent to the printer yesterday! YAY!

We are all SO TICKLED with it and think that it is going to make you giddy! It is SO BEAUTIFUL and is going to make it SO MUCH EASIER for your customers to fall in love with Rendi’s wonderful products!
Where I Have Been And What I Have Learned
In the last three weeks, I have been to Texas for a graduation, home for another graduation, to the beach in Mexico, to Dallas for the annual DSA Convention, back to Waco, TX for New Student Orientation and back home again
Yeeeee Haaaaa! So much fun and so many wonderful moments with the people I love as well as meeting some pretty amazing new people!

I must admit that I am still amazed by our experience at the DSA (Directing Selling Association) Convention in Dallas. There is even a part of me that is reservedly cautious about getting overly excited because during my twenty years in business I have never been involved with a group of people that are so authentically generous in heart.

Now, I know that every group is a mix of characters, but I left the DSA so encouraged (and challenged) to ask myself everyday,

I/We (me and the CEO) have never had so many industry peers (and industry GIANTS) extend a hand of welcome, offer to be of help or counsel in anyway they could or leave us with a valuable bit of advise for the journey we’ve been on for the last 18 months!

I kept finding myself saying this is a group of people with incredible generosity of spirit!
Life’s Big Moments
Our oldest son graduated from Baylor University’s Business Hankamer School of Business with a major in Finance. And yes, I will brag that he graduated with honors, magna cum laude! We couldn’t be prouder of the young man he has become and all of the wonderful things he has done in the last four years. I was beaming as he walked across the stage although, I am not sure how we have gotten to this point in time so quickly!

Of course, I have created a piece from Rendi’s Picture This! Scholastic line that speaks to our first Baylor Grad and to the amazing school spirit at Baylor!
Our youngest, our daughter, also graduated this year from high school. Yes, I’m going to brag again- she was the Valedictorian of her class!! Next fall she will join her older brother, pictured on the far right at Baylor University! We just can’t stop with the Bear thing!

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