SOUL FOOD: Slow It Down

SOUL FOOD: Slow It Down

Here’s a little reminder for you “slow it down” long enough each day to list FIVE things- just five, that you are grateful for. I promise that if you do this each day, your head and your heart will begin to be more joyful and more present in your story- even when life is crazy busy!

Gratitude can actually slow life down- even if for a few moments- long enough to really BE THERE smack dab in the middle of your story!

And just in case you missed Friday’s post, Part 1: How To Be Present In Your Story, here’s the SOUL FOOD GRATITUDE CARD to help you “slow it down” and celebrate your ONE WONDERFUL LIFE each day!
Part 1: A Super Easy Way To “BE THERE” In Your Story!
Dear Sweet Friend!

On Tuesday this week, I told you that I would begin helping you find ways to “be there” smack dab in the middle of your story- to be fully in the moment wherever it is that your life has you right now!

I am just tickled that you dropped back in to begin finding out how important your story is and how on earth a busy, busy woman like you can begin to enjoy the ONE WONDERFUL LIFE you have been given!

SO, let’s be sure we are on the same page with some basic assumptions…
SOUL FOOD: You Have A Story To Tell!
Hey there, Sweet Friend!

After having just returned from my travels across the country and having had the privilege of meeting the truly wonderful women of our growing Rendi Stylist community, I thought I would spend a few weeks talking about the things we talked about on the road.

Let’s start by assuming that if you are reading this, you are alive and breathing and taking in one word at a time…making sense of each sentence 🙂 That’s good!

That means that you have a life, which means that you are living a unique story that is unlike anyone else’s! Isn’t it true that we don’t usually have- or take- the time to appreciate, nurture, celebrate our own story because we are so busy living it?

This week’s SOUL FOOD card is just to get you thinking about your life, your story! You might be surprised at just how much your story has prepared you for this moment, how much it has to teach you and how much there is to celebrate!

First EVER Founder’s Tour!
I can hardly believe that we are in Indianapolis- the last stop on our FIRST EVER Founder’s Tour!

We have had SO MUCH FUN meeting many of our FABULOUS Rendi Stylists for the first time and seeing others again in their own backyards!

If you haven’t stopped by our Rendi Facebook page lately, you must go there right now! Just click HERE to get a firsthand look at all of the fun that has been going on!

If you didn’t make it to one of these wonderful events, I do hope you’ll be able to join us in the future!!
Good Monday Morning to You, Sweet Girl!

This week holds the promise of lots of fun and celebration with friends, family and fellow Americans!

I hope you eat lots of hamburgers, baked beans and watermelon! Most of all I hope that you can just let go of some of your have tos, gottas, shouldas, and to-dos and be in the moment of celebration, summer fun and freedom ringing!

Here’s a little SOUL FOOD card to put somewhere to remind you to just let it go! Woo hoo!

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