I have thoroughly enjoyed all the wonderful pictures of your kiddos on Facebook over the summer and now, on their first day of school!

I do remember how the crazy, lazy days of summer were SO MUCH FUN! I also remember how I always looked forward to getting back into a routine when school started :

Routines are good. They are your best friend when it comes to moving closer to your goals, aren’t they?

I came across this great article, 5 Ways To Use Back To School To Get Back To Business from THE MOGUL MOM!
I think it’s CHOCKED FULL of great reminders and pointers for a girl who is going places with her business! Take a few minutes to read it- you’ll be SO HAPPY you did!

I’d love to know what else you’ve got up your sleeve to make this fall your best selling season yet!
SOUL FOOD: A Smile Is…
After last Friday’s post Part 5: Why Pictures Make Us Grateful, I thought this would be a great reminder that pictures are incredibly powerful gifts! They remind us of the priceless moments we share with the precious people who make each of our stories so wonderfully ours!

Don’t you just LOVE it when a picture of a sweet face, a hysterically funny moment or one of life’s BIG events makes your heart smile so big that it spills out onto your face?! Life is all good again when that happens!
Part 5: Why Pictures Make Us Grateful
At Rendi, we are passionate about giving you beautiful ways to savor the precious pictures of moments and memories you share with the people you love where you can enjoy them often- on your walls, on your desk, in your kitchen window sill, on your dressing table….!

We can’t help ourselves because we know the POWER OF A PICTURE! One glance can set the world straight or put a smile on your face when you are reminded of just how much those priceless moments and precious people make your story unlike anyone else’s!
SOUL FOOD: FRIEND TIME- A Gift You Give Yourself
Good Afternoon, Sweet Girl!

So glad you are back! So glad you are looking for ways to celebrate your ONE wonderful life!

Today’s SOUL FOOD card is just a little follow up on Friday’s post about carving out time with friends!

Some ideas just never get old! This quote is from Kassia- a woman who lived in Constantinople during the Byzantine era, which means she was born around 810! She was a famous poet and songwriter- a woman ahead of her time AND right on time for today’s SOUL FOOD card! Who knew she’d be our gal of the day?!

Hope you enjoy celebrating your ONE wonderful life by spending time with your girlfriends this week!
SOUL FOOD: Beyond Lucky…
Hope you’ve been having fun celebrating the people in your life with the power of technology!

I am guessing that in the process of celebrating them and what they mean to you, you have been doubly blessed- first by letting them know how much they mean to you and then by getting their responses!

This week’s SOUL FOOD card is to remind you of all that goodness!
Part 3: Technology + Gratitude = Celebrating The People You Love
I just started a new habit of texting 3 – 5 people a day to let them know how thankful I am for them in my life. I tell them that I am thinking of them and why I am so grateful for them- just in one sentence.

It’s back to gratitude and BEING THERE in YOUR STORY!

I like texting, because it’s personal and reaches someone quickly. I can’t tell you what a great thing it has been for reminding me that I am BEYOND LUCKY- I am BLESSED to have such amazing people in my life!

I hope it blesses them as much as it blesses me!

Hope you have some fun with this! I’d love to hear what happens when you try it!
SOUL FOOD: Today is BeautyFULL….
Happy Tuesday Morning To You!

Here in Colorado we woke up to cool cloudy skies! What a wonderful change of weather!

In the spirit of last Friday’s post Gratitude + The Power Of Pictures = Happiness Revealed, I thought this SOUL FOOD card would be a wonderful reminder that living each day with our eyes wide open to see blessings all around makes a girl’s story so wonderfully rich!
How is your dance with gratitude coming along? Are you finding that naming the gifts you discover in each day is changing the way you are present in YOUR STORY? Here’s another copy of a GRATITUDE CARD to keep you on the hunt for gifts yet to be discovered
Part 2: Gratitude + The Power Of Pictures= Happiness Revealed!
Sweet Friend!

I had a completely different post for you this morning and then a friend of mine forwarded this amazing Tedx video to me and it made my day!

In this 9 minute film, Louie Schwartzberg beautifully captures so many of the reasons behind my passion for helping women tell the story of their ONE wonderful life! I got all misty eyed the first time I watched it- I’ve probably watched it 20 times in 2 days!

This film talks about time, wonder, the stories behind faces, gratitude and the blessing that everyday of life offers to us- I think you’ll love it!

I hope you will give yourself the gift of putting everything down for 9 minutes to watch this amazing video!

I’d love to know what you think! Have a great weekend!

PS Just an FYI, there is a quick moment of a naked man… now I’ve got your attention, right?


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