Rendi Rising STARS

Rendi Rising STARS

How much fun is it when a group of women who largely knew each other on Facebook spend a weekend together at the beach to learn more about developing their Rendi businesses come away as Rendi Leaders AND as great friends?!

Four of our amazing Rendi Leaders, Kelly Northcott, Amanda Wyckoff, Kim Howes and Teresa Horesta (left to right) went out on a leadership limb and put together their first team training retreat! And ya know what?

Yes, there was a lot of hard work, a few “pre-game” jitters and an emotional moment or two of freaking out BUT they all forged ahead and supported each other through it all and provided an amazing weekend of learning, friendship and fun!

Here are a few of their thoughts after experiencing such an important weekend in their lives as women and as small business owners:

“It was history in the making at the first ever Rendi STAR (Stylist Training and Retreat)! There were 15 incredible women gathered around learning, sharing experiences, connecting with each other, and celebrating. It was so inspiring to watch everyone gain excitement about their Rendi businesses as we went through the training together — the enthusiasm was contagious and you could feel the energy in the room! At the end of the weekend, each STARlet made a commitment to qualify for Rendi’s Leadership Retreat in January (if they hadn’t already) and they left with all the tools, resources and support to help get them there! Personally, it was a rewarding weekend for me, as I overcame my fears of opening up and presenting in front of a group. It was such a liberating feeling to just let go, and I can’t wait to do it again! ” Kim Howes

“The best part of STAR was watching the transformation of every Stylist and of the group as a whole. We knew each other from conference calls and Facebook. In fact, on Friday night, we introduced ourselves by our Facebook names. We had structured training on Saturday which was great, but it really served as conversation starters and question prompters. By Saturday night, the question jar was stuffed, and we spent the evening going through them one by one. We started the evening out sitting in our original chairs along the perimeter of the room. By midnight, we were all sharing ideas snuggled around a picnic table that was three sizes too small for our group. Fifteen Stylists went to the beach on Friday night having no idea what the weekend would do for their businesses. A team of STARlets went home Sunday with a renewed spirit and passion for Rendi.” Kelly Northcott

“The first ever STAR retreat was a HUGE success!!! Helping to organize and train was so far out of my comfort zone, and I’ll confess I was a huge bundle of nerves and craziness right before! Now that it is over, I can’t stop smiling as I reflect on what a fantastic event we put together. I learned a lot from the other stylists, but my favorite part of the weekend was all the bonding and camaraderie between us. I can’t tell you the last time I sat up with a group of girlfriends in our pajamas gabbing until 3 in the morning!!!” Teresa Horesta

“I absolutely LOVED every minute of the first ever STAR Retreat! I was scared to death to get up and speak in front of a group of women, but the support and friendship I felt carried me over a hurdle I had been trying to get over. For the first time, I found myself in a new place of confidence and really having fun in a leadership role! I cannot wait to be with these amazing women again and help them discover the amazing things THEY can do!” Amanda Wyckoff
“As I head out today after spending some time reflecting on the beach, I wanted to express to all of you how grateful I am to be part of this great team of Rendi Trendsetters.

Attending the Founders Tour in Bethesda was a great and touching experience and so was STAR. I never thought joining DS would impact my life more than my wallet. While my wallet will some day be appreciative too, or now my heart and soul are packed. The teamwork, camaraderie and friendships that are coming from this are shocking to me.

Enough sap… Thanks for inspiring me, motivating me with your success and stories, and reassuring that this a journey we are all on together.

Summer was slow for me but I am back committing myself to growing my business and going to Trinidad. Although I only have one team member right now I am confident that I WILL be on the plane with you all as an Associate Designer.” Jenn Farrelly

The weekend would not have been possible without the generosity of those who so graciously offered accommodations at their beach houses! A BIG THANKS to Jessie Smith, Nicole Blinkhorn, Teresa Horesta and Amanda Wyckoff for the five star accommodations!
Happy Endings!
Hey Soul Sistas!

I am catching up with SOUL FOOD cards! YAY! Sorry to have missed a few lately!

I love this little reminder that every day gives us a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning. Every day opens up with fresh perspective and offers us another chance to grow, to give, to love and to live a little bit more than we did the day before!

It’s kind of remarkable when you think about it! I hope today and every day this week open up the sweet gifts and fresh starts that allow you to become a little bit more of the wonderful girl you are!
The Man Of The House & Your Biz
Don’t you just love it when you find a blog that gives you just what you need when you need it? I love THE MOGUL MOM! She always has helpful articles and fabulous Guest Bloggers!I know that many of you in our Rendi Stylist community are attempting to get back into your business after a fun summer and sometimes that means the MAN OF THE HOUSE gets a little twitchy when you mention that you have some parties on the calendar!

NOT TO WORRY! This article can really help you include him in this part of your life/your lives and keep your relationship healthy… in EVERY area! You’re not alone if at times your Rendi business causes tension between you and your man. We’ve all been there and will be there again in the future 🙂

Take a few minutes to check this out! You’ll be SO GLAD you did- and SO WILL HE!
Back To The Classroom With RENDI
The air has an edge of crisp and the sun seems to be getting sleepier, rising just a little later each day!

Going back to school is bittersweet. Lazy, crazy days of unstructured summer give way to alarm clocks and schedules…. AND a sometimes little extra space for Mom after everyone is hustled out the door!

No doubt you’ve snapped a picture of that first day back to school! You’ll love looking back and you will find that years from now you will be able to remember how the air smelled that day, who couldn’t decided which cute new outfit to wear and who was needing an extra hug! Those memories are simply deeee-lish!

Clip Frames and Sign from RENDI’s Pure Cottage Collection

I wanted to share some fun ways to share RENDI products with your kids’ teachers that encourage students to become their best! What a great Teacher Gift that won’t sit on a shelf and get dusty! Maybe there are several Moms who’d like to go in on the gift! Emailing the parent a note with a picture of their child clipped on the CHARACTER, BEST EFFORT or MOST HELPFUL frame is good for everyone!

Too often we (the parents) forget the the grades are not the end all! VERY important but not everything- right?

I always tried to remind myself that there are actually a whole lot of really smart people in the world who are not necessarily the roles models I would want my kids to emulate!

I created these products for a friend of mine who is a First Grade Teacher. She has thoroughly enjoyed using them in her classroom. The kids love it! The parents love it! And it gives her an opportunity to tell people about RENDI!

So if you’re a Rendi Stylist, who happens to also be a teacher, you might find this is a great way to encourage and reward your students- AND have a great way to tell their Moms about Rendi! OR maybe you’re a Mom who’d like to try something like this at home to affirm your own kids!


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