SOUL FOOD: Heck, yeah!

SOUL FOOD: Heck, yeah!

This week holds the possibility of something BIG! Sometimes it really just a matter of whether or not we are willing to go for it.

I know- kind of risky business, right? But too often, I think we “play it safe” and risk missing out on our dreams! We think it’s safer, but in the end we miss really living and becoming who we are meant to be!

Take a little time and spend it going for your dreams! You’ll be SO GLAD you did!
Beautiful Ways Tell Your Story
When I walk into a home and see an empty wall, I see the opportunity to fill that wall with reminders of love and happiness- with reminders of the things in life that really count and that fill us to the brim with joy!

All of us at RENDI are passionate about giving YOU the opportunity to capture the precious people and priceless moments of YOUR life in incredibly beautiful and personal ways!

With RENDI, you can choose your style, your color and say just what you want! We even give you the tools to layer and hang your story on the walls of your home where it can be enjoyed every day, all the time!

No more keeping your story in albums or on hard drives 🙂 Cuz ya know- digital photos are SO last year!
SOUL FOOD: Everyday Happy
Happy Monday Morning, Sweet Soul Sista!

I just love this quote because it reminds me of one of my life she-roes. You see I have this delicious sister-in-law who seems to have the gift of delighting in the everyday things of life.

Her name is Janet. I often kid her and say that she lives on Planet Janet! And oh how I love to visit!

At a Rendi party when guests were filling out information cards, she listed her occupation as, “Happy”. How delightful is that?! Now, I know that not everyday is spent with rose colored glasses on for her. She has been taking care of her aging father for the last few years and watching his decline has been less than happy.
But amidst all the tough stuff in life, Janet has the uncanny ability to fully enjoy a glass of wine in her rose scented garden with candles twinkling all around. She has the gift of being able to slow her life down by noticing details of beauty wherever she finds herself. She delights in a lingering conversation over a meal that comforts you way deep down inside. And she can laugh at herself with great gusto!

I love visiting Planet Janet because I often find myself taking a long deep breath that puts an extra bit of gentle wind underneath my wings. I always leave reminded that life is good- really good- when it is shared regularly with people who remind you of where your happy can be found!
Yooo Hooo! It’s Your Story Calling!
So many people are having so much fun telling the story of their ONE Wonderful Life with Rendi’s personalized picture frames and signs!

We believe that the things we feather our nest with should be as much about inspiration as decoration!

Our stories have a whole lot of power when it comes to keeping us focused on the things in life that make our lives so rich, don’t they? So let your story inspire you by telling it on the walls of your home where you can enjoy it all of the time!
It’s all about capturing the priceless moments we share with the precious people in our lives! I am convinced that that is why busy women are really resonating with Rendi!

At Rendi we are passionate about giving you beautiful ways to remind yourself of all that makes your life so wonderfully YOUR LIFE!

We all live life a such break neck speed that sometimes we need a little extra help slowing down- even if for a few moments- to breathe deeply and soak in all the goodness captured in a picture of someone we love. It can set the whole day straight!
Whether you are just beginning a new chapter of your life or watching your story grow as fast as your growing family, Rendi’s personalized frames allow you to give beautiful and lasting expression to all the delicious moments of your life!
SOUL FOOD: Wonderful, One-derful Life
Happy Monday, Sweet Friend!

I thought this little happy was a great reminder to jump into your life just like it is! Stop waiting for that perfect moment before you really let yourself enjoy it!

Don’t make the mistake of wishing it away for some illusive time in the future- this is after all, your ONE wonderful life! It is indeed one-derful 🙂

So don’t miss all the precious gifts life is offering you smack dab in the middle of your everyday-ness!
SOUL FOOD: Look For It!
Today’s SOUL FOOD card just had to be pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness 🙂 I hope you’ll be sure to help us support the cause by spreading the good news that Rendi will donate 100% of the proceeds from our gorgeous Breast Cancer Frame to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade!

I love that dear old Dr. Seuss reminds us that in the everyday-ness of our crazy, busy lives some of life’s richest moments are waiting to be discovered.

I guess it’s sort of like a treasure hunt to live each day awake, eyes wide open in the midst of it all- looking for the moments that make our lives so rich.
Funny how we often don’t see how precious some of those moments are until they are past, isn’t it? I’m just grateful that even if we miss it in the moment we have the opportunity to value it, love it and celebrate it if we’re willing to pause long enough to see it in hindsight!