SOUL FOOD: Give, Love, Live

SOUL FOOD: Give, Love, Live

Don’t you find there are few things more inspiring than someone who has given their life to doing just that? I always get that little hitch in my throat when I see someone who has given their whole being to doing the very thing that they were born to do.

I hope that you are inspired by this great article from Co Exist/FAST COMPANY about Scott Harrison, Founder of charity:water. For several years running, we have been BIG fans and supporters of this amazing mission to bring clean, safe drinking water to families around the globe.
Currently, 100% of the proceeds from this Rendi frame go to support charity:water. Our goal is to help dig many more wells and I hope you will join us in this worthy endeavor.

AND I hope that this article will inspire you to use the gifts you have been given to bless the world around you! GIVE, LOVE, LIVE! XO
SOUL FOOD: A Little Bit Naughty
I am feeling a little spunky this morning The lights are hung. The garland is fluffed. The tree is trimmed. Yes, there is still dust on the furniture and a cloudy haze on the mirrors, but there is some serious Christmas going on here!Amidst all of the flurry of activity when I have completely tuckered myself out, I generally find that I can easily go towards my darker side. Are you with me? Although this does strike me as a bit naughty, I must admit that I do laugh every time I read it.

I hope that when you find yourself all tuckered out this season, you’ll stop and have a giggle – or a sweet libation- and enjoy all the Christmas cheer!

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