How To Layer Photos On Top Of Frames

How To Layer Photos On Top Of Frames

I have been getting lots of emails asking about the tricks of layering photos on top of frames so I thought I’d take the mystery out of it for you and break down the steps on how to achieve this look
Step #1: Gather/Buy inexpensive frames. I found most of mine at a local antique and collectible shop.

Step #2: Lay your frames on the floor to see what configuration looks good with your Picture This! pieces layered on top. It’s helpful if your frames are all relatively the same thickness.

Make sure that there is a frame to nail into where the hanging hole is on the Picture This! piece OR you can use one of Rendi’s hanging blocks if a frame doesn’t happen to fall right behind the nail hole on your Picture This! piece.

Step #3: Paint your frames with Folk Art craft paints that make you happy. I used a few metallic colors- the pink and the green 🙂

Step #4: Lay your frames and your Picture This! pieces on the floor for one final check.Step #5: Hang the frames on the wall starting in the middle. Then hang your Picture This! pieces on top. Yes, you’ll have to hammer into the frames.

I like to use poster putty to secure all of the frames and the Picture This! pieces securely in place since the weight can be unequally distributed when you are layering like this.Step #6: To add flowers (fresh or silk) I used test tubes and pipe fittings. Test tubes or Spice Tubes can be purchased at a craft store and pipe fittings can be bought at Home Depot. Then I secured them to the wall with a pea sized ball of poster putty! (love that stuff!)
Scrapbooking On Your Walls- With Photos!, Releasing February 15th!Don’t you find that life moves SO FAST?! CRAZY FAST, right? It seems to me that we are busier than ever and often so busy that we forget to soak in all the moments that make up the story of the ONE wonderful life we each have to live!

I am definitely passionate about finding ways to not miss being in the moment and enjoying the journey. As a mom raising three busy kids and running several businesses, I always wished I had the time and energy to create the beautiful scrapbooks I saw my friends and sisters-in-law creating for their kids. But that was definitely NOT going to happenRather than spending a whole lot of time feeling like a failure as a mother, I began scrapbooking on my walls and soon found myself being reminded often by the ever growing story on my walls about all of the things and people that truly made my life so rich!