SOUL FOOD: Lighten Up & Give Yourself Room To Bloom!

SOUL FOOD: Lighten Up & Give Yourself Room To Bloom!

Have a great week full of some fun and silliness! Start this week by promising yourself that you’re going to lighten up your load by lightening up your face!

When you find your frown pressing your brows together, say a big hearty NO to letting that TO DO LIST make you take YOURSELF to seriously 🙂

There are things that a girl must do to keep the world around her in motion but there are things a girl must do to give her heart room to bloom!

Call a friend that makes you laugh!
Sing a song out loud that makes you smile!
Picture your five year old self in all of your cuteness and give that girl a hug (cuz she’s still in there!)
Take a walk- and skip a little 🙂
Play hookie for a 1/2 an hour, go to the park and swing as high as you can!

Have fun finding ways to lighten up and bloom!
SOUL FOOD: Your Life, Your Story
Happy Monday! Happy April! Happy Spring!

Happy fourth month of 2013! Yeah, that’s right! Life moves FAST!

Don’t let your crazy busy life make you miss your story!

Try taking a moment to stop and soak in the colors of springtime blooms and the sweet morning songs of birds after the cold months of winter! The whole world is waking up and wishing you a beautiful day, a beautiful week….

Let spring wake you up to the beauty in your own story
SOUL FOOD: Watch Your Life Change!
SOUL FOOD: Treat Every Day Like the 1st Day!
NO FOOLING! Treat every day as the first day of a new adventure and be surprised at how much you learn and grow!

Fresh eyes can make all the difference whether you’re looking at the love of your life or the way you spend your days.

When you think you have exhausted all the possibilities or you are stuck in a rut, think back to the first day you fell in love, the first day you laid eyes on your child, the first day you spent in your new home or the first day you started your business.

Here’s a QUICK gift you can give yourself!

#1 Print and cut out this SOUL FOOD card.

#2 Write down a few things on the back of it about how you felt in any of those moments.

#3 Put your reminder somewhere where you will see it often so that you can remind your head and your heart to be as open to learning something new as you were in the beginning!

#4 Then you’ll find joy and treasure on even the hardest or dullest of days