No Scrapbook For Your Grad? A GUILT FREE Solution!

No Scrapbook For Your Grad? A GUILT FREE Solution!

I was that Mom who didn’t get the memo- or series of memos- that there would/should be a scrapbook of your child’s entire 18 years of growing up right next to the graduation cake.

Yeah. I had that sick feeling in my stomach when I went to my nephew’s graduation party and saw THE BOOK that was thicker than any Bible I had ever seen!

There was no way that was happening for our eldest… let alone the two that followed.
Before I came clean and confessed to our kids that I was a total loser mom who had let them down for nearly two decades, I had a epiphany.

The walls of our home are our scrapbook!

The walls of our home were filled with pictures of each of them growing up, traveling as a family to Africa and the beach, loving on puppies and cats, riding horses and mountain bikes, cuddling with grandparents, playing soccer, campfires and cupcakes….

Every day we are reminded of all the moments we have shared together (to include the 65 cats we went through- we live in the country).

Every day those pictures speak of immeasurable joy and of life’s richest blessings (I would include one or two of the cats with the blessing part.)

Every day our walls speak volumes to our hearts about the people and the things in life that really matter at the end of the day.
SOUL FOOD: What Would Inspire You Each Day?
So many great quotes out there to inspire us each day, right?

I thought it might be sort of fun to put a few quotes on Rendi’s super fun and playful customizable EXTRA LARGE TAG SIGNS (11″ x 23″) to see which one you would hang in your abode to inspire you each day….. I’d love to know
A Father’s Day Fun & Fabulous Gift!
With Father’s Day around the corner, don’t miss out on the fun of creating a custom gift for Dad or Grandpa or that special someone who has always been there for you!

This year Rendi is giving you some super fun photo props that come with your purchase of a custom Father’s Day frame. Yes, FREE photo props!

Go online and create your custom frame and we will send you two superhero masks and two superhero stars to have fun with when you do your photo shoot! Don’t forget to tie a cape on and strike some awesome poses!

Then simply print out your favorite shot, put it in your custom Rendi frame and BAM! you’ll have a Father’s Day gift that will make Dad smile for years to come. You’ll never even think about buying a tie again!

Check out the fun we had with our Superhero Photo Shoot for Dad! We hope you’ll have as much fun as we did! And we’re sure your Dad will LOVE LOVE LOVE his super special gift from you!
SOUL FOOD: Moments and Memories
Happy Tuesday!

Happy warmish days of May!

Happy end of school! Happy Graduation!

Happy bursting with pride as your special little person accepts that award for being good at being themselves!

Happy field day with sunscreen and ice cream and ribbons and races and water balloons!

Happy last day of school with arm loads of papers cleaned out from your desk and crayons and pencils that have been worn down to a nub!

Happy first dip into the pool and then laying on the warm cement in the hot sun to dry off 🙂

Happy music from the ice cream truck….
SOUL FOOD: Leave a Little Sparkle!
Happy Monday!

I do hope all of you who are mother’s had a wonderful day yesterday! After all, you are raising the next generation of teachers, firefighters, doctors, photographers, accountants, mothers and fathers, Rendi Stylists 🙂 Can we just agree that moms have one of the most important jobs in the world?!

YAY you! Day in and day out- YOU ARE THERE making life possible for the next wave of people who will change the world by tying your own special sparkle, your own language of love, around the hearts of your kids!
Here’s a little preview of what is coming up on Wednesday from team Stella’s STAR retreat in Chicago this past weekend! Big congrats to Stephanie Pither on such a successful retreat! And thanks for the inspiration for today’s SOUL FOOD card
SOUL FOOD: Is Your Dream BIG enough?
Happy Monday morning, Sweet Girl!

I think spring is the time of year that offers us the invitation to grow into our DREAMS, to pursue the possibilities that are all around us. Sometimes, we just have to slow down for a moment to listen to the DREAMS in our heart and to where our STORY is asking us to go!

This moment is full of possibilities, you know that, right? Like any good story, your STORY has no doubt had its share of adventure, laughter, tears and love.

Like any good story, the heroine always encounters twists and turns that invite her to become braver, stronger, smarter, more beautiful than when the story began! The POSSIBILITIES of what she will choose are what keep us on the edge of our seat and turning the pages of a good story 🙂

TODAY is your day to seize your role as the heroine of your own STORY and begin to grow into your DREAMS!

The POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS for you, my Sweet Friend!

Possibilities are inviting you to pursue your dream!
(Doesn’t she know its Monday?!)
There is the possibility for you to take another step towards the thing that makes your heart beat strong.
(Not until I have a stout cup of coffee…)
You have the strength to seize the possibility of doing something you didn’t think you could do!
(…like make it through another week?!)
There’s the possibility of getting back in touch with that girl who is going places!
(Like I said, not even possible to speak until I have that coffee….)
Possibility to for you to become- well, YOURSELF and all that you were meant to be!
(What? But I thought I was all grown up and…..)

Dreams are what make life so compelling! Dreams are what give us hope. Dreams are what enable us to endure lots of big scary things. Dreams are our floaties when we’re in the deep end of life! Dreams are the things that keep us growing and present in our STORY!
I am always amazed at what a change of color can do for a room, for an an outfit or for my mood!

I have an olive complexion so every time I put something on that is yellow gold or ochre, I look jaundice! I am guessing you have a few colors that look best on you and I would guess your home reflects the colors that make you feel- well, at home!

I thought you might enjoy seeing how dramatically color changes the look of the something so much!

The Tasteful Traditions Story Walls from Rendi featured below show you how Rendi allows you to choose the color that suits you, your home and your STORY 🙂 Yeah, that’s fun! Kind of like trying on different colors of the same dress until you find one that makes your heart sing!

Not only can choose your color- you can also change the copy, the font and color of the copy to bring your Story to life on the walls of your home where you and yours can enjoy it every day! That’s right, my sweet friend, we want you to be able to tell your Story just the way it deserves to be told!