Custom Made Wedding Gifts in 15 Minutes!

Custom Made Wedding Gifts in 15 Minutes!

You gotta love a small town because her son married one of my daughter’s dearest growing up girlfriends. The majority of the bridesmaids have spent many late nights at our house talking about the day they would marry their prince charmings!

Now I look at the young-lady-lovelies and get misty in a moment thinking about how they are all launching out on their own and finding their way in the big wide world. They used to be little birds flitting from one house to another for slumber parties, pre-prom dress ups and big hairdos and baking brownies on Friday nights. Now they are young women. Crazy!
Here’s to two wonderful young people who we all got to watch grow into their amazing young adult selves.
Happy June! Happy Tuesday!

Love this little reminder that we each have been given tailor made dreams and roles to play that only we can fill!

I hope you find some time and space in a lazy-day-summer-sort-of-way to promise yourself you’ll find a way, no matter what to be the brave girl you are inside and go after your dreams!

After all, we need (the world needs) you to play your part. We need you to keep writing your story and then, give us the gift of sharing it
SOUL FOOD: It’s Not About Perfection. It’s About Your Story!
Don’t you find it kind of funny how we think we have to have it all together before we begin chasing our dream of becoming who we really are?

We can envision the woman we want to become but we get stuck before we even begin becoming her. Who said that it had to be perfect right out of the gate?

I know that all too often in my life I’ve gotten the whole thing backwards thinking that I had to BE HER, that I was suppose to have ARRIVED BEFORE I BEGAN.

How crazy it that? Logically that means you skip over your story in order to get to the end. That’s sort of boring when I really step back and think about it.

Any good story has lots of chapters that build upon each other and make the “shero” into all that we hope she will become.

She has to grow with the challenges in front of her on her journey through life. She has to travel through laughter and tears, joy and sadness, valleys and vistas. Otherwise, there is no good story to tell. THE END. Who wants a story like that?
Edward + Macy = Pure Cottage Love Story
At Rendi we believe that your STORY is your most important TREASURE!

That is why we put a whole lot of passion into creating beautiful ways for you to remind your heart on a daily basis of the people and moments that make your life, well, YOUR ONE WONDERFUL LIFE!

Life moves at warp speed, doesn’t it? Please explain to me how any given day may seem eternal with all that we have on our to-do list, but the years fly by! I’d love to know the secret on that…

Perhaps, enjoying the moments, soaking them in, letting them settle in your heart and counting your blessings… you know, really BEING IN THE MOMENT and finding ways to relish the everyday-ness of your life slows the crazy speed of it down a bit so we DON’T MISS IT!

Enjoy this little ditty about growing into your story and taking the time to tell it along the way!
You Have A Story Worth Telling And CELEBRATING!
Your story is your greatest treasure because YOUR STORY IS YOUR LIFE and YOUR LIFE MATTERS. You wouldn’t be here on planet earth if it didn’t.

You have a very important role that only you can play. I would venture to say if you’re not present in your story then you stand a pretty good chance of missing some of the most beautiful parts of it ๐Ÿ™‚

At the tender age of 50 something, I have come to the conclusion that our stories all have so many things to CELEBRATE!

Somedays, I wake up and celebrate the fact that its looking like a good hair day! Other days, I celebrate that my skinny jeans still comfortably fit ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah, somedays my gratefulness swims in the more shallow end of the pool but hey, just keepin’ it real, girlfriend!

Seriously though, at the end of the day (when my hair is no longer in the good category), I so enjoy having my story and the story of my family and friends greet me when I walk in the door. There it is on the walls of our home to reset my inner compass and whisper all things wonderful to my heart,

“Hey Annie, welcome home to the richness of your life! Welcome home to the amazing family and friends you have been blessed with. Welcome home to all the reasons you have to celebrate life, love and laughter! Welcome home to all that makes your heart sing! PS We have seen you on really bad hair days and we still love you :)”

This is why I get up every day and do RENDI. Because I am a passionate, 50ish year old woman on a mission to help other busy women CELEBRATE their ONE wonderful life right smack dab in the middle of it all!
Love Is In The Air: A Custom Wedding Gift in 10 Minutes
Just thought you might enjoy some fun ideas for creating a custom wedding gift in about 10 minutes!

My nephew just got engaged to his absolutely adorable fiancรฉ! Of course I couldn’t help myself when it came to creating a custom Rendi sign that might be the first real thing that has their married title on it!

This Large Curve Sign from Rendi’s Pattern Play Collection couldn’t be cuter or more sophisticated in my humble opinion ๐Ÿ™‚ This sign is 12″w x 15″h so it will make a beautiful statement in their new home!

I know the date is December 7, 2013, but why not give them something to begin telling their story with?

If you’d like to check this sign out and play around with making a custom wedding gift for someone you know, simply search product number R5207 on your Stylist’s website and have fun creating your own custom wedding gift in 10 minutes!