SOUL FOOD: Your Smile, My Happy!

SOUL FOOD: Your Smile, My Happy!

Happy Monday! Don’t you just love it when you make someone you love smile? In my book, that is a really good day!
SOUL FOOD: Little or Big?

Here’s a fun little reminder for your SOUL FOOD collection as your summer days hold all the promise of great memories with your families and friends.

Life really is made up a lot of LITTLE moments, isn’t it? The BIG moments are great and very important in each of our stories, but sometimes I think we miss the beauty of the gifts in the seemingly small everyday moments of life waiting for the big events.

Some of my favorite soul satisfying moments that always bring a smile to my face are my summer memories of our kids….

So here’s to the LITTLE moments that make our lives BIG! I hope you find all of the sweet gifts in the midst of your “everyday” life this week!
SOUL FOOD: Live and Learn, Learn and Live!
Life has a way of providing us so many learning opportunities or teachable moments, doesn’t it?

The old saying, “Live and Learn” seems better to me when it’s turned around- “Learn and Live!” I am always a much happier girl when I am learning something new, aren’t you?
Custom Baby Girl Frames & Signs In A Snap!
Here she is in all her cuteness! You can’t stop kissing her soft little cheeks and she seems more than happy to soak up all of the affection!

How is it that someone so little can make your heart swell so big that it feels at times like it might just burst?!
And how is it that she changes SO FAST? Her smile, her eyes- every little thing she does reveals just how one-of-a-kind she is! Do you ever feel like you wish you could “freeze frame” her so you could soak her up at this stage for just a little longer?

She truly is her name… or her name perfectly suits her? All you know is that you never want her to forget or be fooled into thinking that she is anything less than the peace, grace, beauty and new life that she brings into your world!