Taking GREAT Pictures With Your Smart Phone

Taking GREAT Pictures With Your Smart Phone

Aren’t smart phones amazing? Who knew even five years ago that most of us would be taking the majority of our everyday pictures on our mobile phones?

So fast, so easy AND always right in the palm of your hand!

I currently have almost 1,000 photos on my phone. All of them look like GREAT photos- until I zoom in on them. Then maybe half of them still fall in the GREAT category.

The thing is when your photos have a light shining through them and they are the size of a small-ish business card, THEY ALL LOOK GREAT!

After some research with the pros and some experimentation, we came up with a few helpful and easy tips for OUT SMARTING your SMART PHONE here a Rendi. You see we want your Rendi Photo Tags to be all that your memories deserve to be!

I know you’ll LOVE all of your pictures just by taking a few easy steps and soon you’ll be a SMART PHONE PRO creating those mini masterpieces in a snap!
SOUL FOOD: Decide, Commit, Succeed
Three powerful words for your week, for your setting your goals and for living your dream! That’s all
SOUL FOOD: Estee Lauder’s Secret To Success
Here’s a little inspiration from Estee Lauder to help you make your dreams a reality! I love a woman who has a sense of determination, don’t you? Whether it’s to be the best ever bread baker, smile maker, picture taker or lawn raker (ok, the last one was a stretch for the rhyme, but you get the point!).

Whatever your dream is about, have fun being the your best self at it and enjoy the success of your hard work!
SOUL FOOD: Dream = Goal + Deadline
This is your day, your week, your time to make it happen, Girlfriend! Whatever it is, don’t let it just sit there! Chase it, go after it, don’t give up- just keep moving forward toward your dream!
Story Boards by Rendi
It is with great pleasure that I finally get to introduce you to a whole new way to capture, display and archive your life’s story!

No doubt you are a busy woman and if you happen to have kids in your life, I know that it can be rare when you have a minute to complete a thought or a task on any given day!

I also know that in the midst of it all a girl can feel like life is getting away from her and there is that reoccurring panic that comes from thinking that you will forget all of your crazy life’s delicious moments, right!?

Story Boards by Rendi is about to become your new hero, your new most favorite product ever! You’re going to fall in love with the way Rendi is redefining what it means to tag a photo! I’d love to know what you think!
SOUL FOOD: Follow Your Dreams!
There is SO MUCH post-Revel excitement about Story Boards by Rendi out in the field! Here’s just a little reminder to make your dreams happen by moving forward everyday towards them!

Plan your work and work your plan…. and your plan will work… your dreams will become real!